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An easy solution to a complicated problem. Find out if you qualify for a prescription today with a 5 minute consult.

No video calls. No awkward conversations. 


What birth control pills do Rosemary doctors prescribe?

We carry 35+ of the most popular brands of birth control pills in Australia. See if we carry your contraceptive pill here.

How much does it cost?

A yearly membership to get your birth control pill online and delivered through Rosemary is $52 - just $1 per week! The pill cost depends on your brand - you pay the same low pharmacy prices for your pill just before it ships.

Am I guaranteed a prescription?

In order to use Rosemary to get the pill online, you need to have previously been prescribed and have seen a doctor in the past 12 months. Our doctors will review your questionnaire and determine whether it's safe to prescribe you the pill. If they decide that it's not medically appropriate, they'll advise you on what to do next and you'll get a full refund.


Confidential online assessment

Licensed Australian Doctors

Discreet, free delivery

Request your script

Confidential online text consult

An easy solution to a complicated problem.

No video calls. No awkward conversations. 

Rosemary Health have wonderful GPs and are prompt with the responses. Saves the time and hassle! 

Phoenix, Rosemary Member

Hello from the future of healthcare

~ 24/7 ordering (online)

Rosemary Health

~ The pill delivered to your door

~ Message your doctor
    whenever you need

~ Automatic reorders
    until you need a new script

In person

~ Book appointments in advance

~ Forget to buy another box in

~ Waiting in line at the pharmacy

~ Time spent getting to
    the doctor's office

How Rosemary works:


Doctor review


We deliver


Automatic reorders

At Rosemary, we believe access to birth control shouldn't be complicated. The amount of running around between home, the doctor and pharmacy is a huge hassle that we aim to simplify.

Answer a few health questions online and get an annual membership for $52 - just $1/week!

A licensed Australian doctor reviews and writes a prescription (if medically appropriate).

~ $1/week for your annual membership
~ No appointments 
Free delivery 
Low pharmacy prices 

Fast, free, discreet delivery of your birth control pill to your door.

Never miss a pill! We process your repeats and send them to your door on schedule. You can cancel anytime.


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Since social distancing it's been hard to make appointments, and I hate sitting in the waiting room. Rosemary means I can get my medication delivered super fast and contact the same doctor if I have any questions. 

Louise, Rosemary Member

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get started


$1/week for your
   annual membership
No appointments  
Free delivery 
Low pharmacy prices  

How Rosemary 

The pill, delivered



price of 
your pill

per year

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~ Online, text-based consultation with a licensed Australian doctor

~ Free, fast delivery for the whole year

~ Unlimited messaging with your Aussie GP

~ Same low pharmacy prices

~ Educational resources about reproductive health


Yes - you are in full control. You can pause shipments, order early and cancel at any time.

Can I change the delivery schedule?

How quickly can I speak to a doctor?

Our doctors review assessments within 24 hours, but often much sooner.

Accessing contraceptive pills shouldn't be complicated. With a Rosemary membership, you can get your brand online with free shipping for the entire year. The whole process is fast, convenient and online so you can save time and money.